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I'm Josh, and I make things and write online, even though no one asked me to.

After some confusion (by me) about how many websites I've actually made (for fun), I decided to take one of my favorite conversational quirks -- referring to my websites as "Available on The Public Internet" -- and make it into a literal reality.

Without much further ado (but much more to come):


I thought this would be general purpose. Or rather, I thought that talking without making something had no purpose. That's why this has a name based on a Chinese pun.

Gen517 is the home for things that I build for a general audience. Widgets for IQ-esque testing, my alternative slow-web social network, a terrible remake of a complex board game, a demonstration of what kanban really is, and dozens of others are all at home.

Where to start: I'd recommend my bookmarklet for serial fiction readers, my SQL-join-esque tool for zipping together information you have in your spreadsheets and my tool for learning those cool mnemonics.

Optimize Your Copy

A simple off-the-shelf service I provide that either makes you money (by optimizing the copy of your business website) or your money is refunded automatically.

Where to start: With a no-risk membership, of course! Unless you don't help operate a business website. Then you can start with the Gen517 post announcing me starting to offer this service.

Best of the Thirst

This is my beverage review blog. It's meant to be deliberately non-focused, if that makes sense -- to the point where it's normal to refer to reviews as "the one about why nitrous oxide is useful in cars" or "the one where the beverage company seems to be building a death star" or "the one where it's argued that transactional surplus may be more important than wealth distribution".

I'm not sure there's a way to describe what I'm attempting that doesn't make me sound insane. Suffice it to say, it's best viewed as a normal blog that just happens to review beverages.

Where to start: I'd recommend either either starting at the beginning or with this brief interlude on the history of carbonation. And make sure to visit the individual post pages if you are interested in the sidebar descriptions, they don't show up anywhere else, really.


This is my newer blog for technical projects that don't have a web-based interface, or are meant for a technical audience.

I also started this due to my increasingly frequent problems with Let's Encrypt rate limits on Gen517. Strange but true. And besides, I've got some ambitious projects I've avoided because they wouldn't be right for a non-technical audience, and that's just silly.

Where to start: My discussion of integrating a simple and broadly useful API into an Elm project is motivating a large project.

Writing On [The Public Internet]

I needed a place to put various works of fiction, and this seemed appropriate.

Where to start: There's only one thing there so far, a story I wrote for /r/rational's biweekly writing challenge. Don't upvote or visit that if you found it from here. But you can enjoy reading it if you like.


Silly site based on a joke from the fantastic podcast CoolGames Inc. It's basically a repackage of an old Gen517 project, very slightly reskinned to better match the premise of the joke.

Where to start: This project is quite singular. If I think of any other jocular congress-based games, they'll be here for sure, but obviously that's a shallow well.